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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  November 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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will warm up a little bit. we made it into the 30s come obviously more sun and less winds.s. it can 1021, ten above that, and strongsville, 27, east lake 34, sanduski 21. wind chills between 15 andnd 20 degrees, not much morning. should not have much of a win until late tomorrow, from the southwest, heavy snow upstate new york and we recap back that in a little bit.ea newsworthy and we will see obviously videos on facebook and twitter highlighting that just work lake effect snow. we did not see that cure come obviously kind of a fast-moving pattern the system that will seem like it comes in here every
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increase tomorrow with extra of rain improbably sleet initially in thext morning and then transition, rapid transition 12 rain wednesday. today mostly sunny, light winds cloud cover to these to 40 --res climb up 42 later on today talk about the we can forecast and a quick update for the first weeks of december in broad, general terms, that pattern completely different than had so far for the month of recently.ntil traffic time with pat. anda active morning, you can see behind me the screen is good to go, no problems up there but keep in mind construction along the way sure way 35 miles per of regardless of the daytime hours they push out more lane restrictions. right now, you do have the ramp
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closed through the latter part of december. closed today and tomorrow so you will not d see desperate to get into a quick. nighty in columbia no problems whatsoever, five nine -- five -- 5:32 -- 5:02. in place southbound the road between hilliard thatat police they tell me perhaps this next week it should be open lane and christie back to you. want to get you caught up on the top stories looking for a killer this morning. someone shot and killed a store owner during a robbery, live this morning, stacy the victim 42 years old, section children shot and killed the holdup food market east one
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the police not giving out a lot of details. we know the man was shot in thef head. died in family members were at the scene location but too distraught to talk and co-owner of the store. the gunmen is a black man wearing gray sport -- great black pants, the victim was not there atg night but she was just in complete shock. he was a nice person coming he was friendly and he was just a nice person. . >> hartford customers and especially family -- family members digesting the memo description maybe someone recognizes we will give a
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case. stacy, thank you new developments this morning schoolbus crash in tennessee that took the life of six children learning about the 24-year-old bus driver. joining us now with thehe latest, jessica, good morning. i devastating story, the bus carrying 35 young children in chattanooga whenn it slammed io a tree yesterday killing six of them. so many people left with questions and. heartbreak. the bus driver has been arrested counts of vehicular homicide and reckless endangerment reckless driving and to begin with the place sayessd there could be moe charges coming. yesterday they responded to the scene shortly after 3:00 o'clock a single vehicle crash and only the schoolbus involved. the police say traveling down the road when it left the and struck a tree. the bus wasck carrying within 30 students grades kindergartenrt
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hospital, five, excuse me six of the childrenpi killed. box accident with multiple injuries to children every public safety professionals worst nightmare and as bad as it is for the police officers, firefighters and paramedics working the crash investigation, we cannot imagine how much worse it is for the family, friends of a loved one of the victims. all of our hearts go out to them. a warrant issued tooto remove te black box the evidence and evidence from the bus. we will hear f f from one of the students in the next half-hour but hopefully this number does nott t rise and hopefully theyl get better. the mother of "black lives matter" hallmark the two-year anniversary of the shooting death of faith the station later today commit to mariah rice fields justice has
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pistol outside of the rec center, to mariah rice once the officer fired in the family accepted $6 million settlement with the city. the city and at 6:00 o'clock first district police headquarters west 130th street. and last until six this evening. family searching for justice once again after prosecutors dropped charges against a man accused in the shooting death of five -month-old girl. ve killed october 1 last year while riding in the backseat of her family's car near east 145th street. prosecutors drop charges murder against 19-year-old davon homes in connection of the death friday. they did not give ah reason. the father said prosecutors told him they are still trying to track down the person or persons
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other suspects. you think you god it anyway be over with, but it still not over with. if probably won't be over with for a wild. but we just have to keep trusting inl god that eventually they will get the right one. in april prosecutors drop chargeses who they believe is connected to the case, 62-year-old man charged with tampering with evidence to accused of removing shell casings from the scene. sanduski high middle school in middle school closed because high winds caused a problem in all of the buildings open as normal. the districts experiencing intermittent issues with the phone so keep that mind. windyr weather they live family
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and into a hotel. 's had a large tree crashing through the roof of the bathroom and kitchen but fortunately there werehh no injuries the damage estimated $4,250,000. if you are just getting up this morning eight minutes after five o'clock it was your time . suspected cop killer is caught. what the man accused of gunningl down a detective said he did it in his message to the victims family. the rapp at los angeles hospital the detailse trade straight ahead, scott good morning. the temperatures anywhere from 20 canton and lower 30s in cleveland and most of us 40s. the majority of the snow today and a good chance of rain tomorrow and early thanksgiving. the eight day forecast when we
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this tuesday morning. i like it. a very nice shot. he view, birds eye view of what ist going on down there. you know we do weather and traffic. here we go again. what is thatra time. here we go again. checking in with a bearded one, my favorite forecast. in all these years you were just feeding mel lies. ned
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it is almost 5:12, a desperate looking cloud cover this morning. yesterday afternoon withes temperatures mid-30s yesterday come a run at 40, 32 temperatures falling into the low 20s further south. fox 8 forecast online check it i outt the winter weather outlook loaded up there. we posted late october nothing hase changed so far but again, slowly we have seen this patternrn change to onth allow more frequent weather systems to come through not will he northern ohio but most of the us.he i will explain the explained the next hour. facebook, twitter, instagram and all the different stories dick goddardin way in his history fo8 news history with his other interests the last 55 years online fox, 22 clearing whole bunch of clear skies further south marees vigil cloud cover astabula county, the
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the temperatures late last night, the clouds move-inas and the reading was taken and windchill between 15 and 20. not a lot of winds early on. upstate new york close to 4 feet of snow. that is 48 inches of snow the last 48 hours. remember in the 70s just like we were, 70s to 4 feet of snow. so we think our weather is pretty crazy here but look at thatb up there, still snowing in portions cleveland, indianapolis, st. louis back to the west and deeps south and this is going to increase our cloudis cover, tomorrow and so right now we n go with mostly sunny skies, high clouds late today and warm front north anticipating if you rain showers early tomorrow morning. the warm air over rice as the cold air tomorrow morning a chance increasingly higher likelihood of sleet mixed in
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accumulation. the temperatures jump up quick and allow for thehe transition primarily precipitation all rain. mostly sunny all day, high of 40, middle 20s tonight cloud over the winship tomorrow and then wewi start to bring in agan that warm-up relative warm-up with highs climbing above 40s. we start to see the transition early in the morning sleet mixed with rain. we mentioned temperatures climb 40-42 brze ahead most of what polls tomorrow afternoonol all rain, e rain out of here by thanksgiving day with a week west winds but nothing that calls down a lot. the rainfall amounts generally stander a quarter of an inch for most of us, tomorrow and tomorrow night in the eight day forecast as we are looking now had a chance of a snow shower. what day is that, friday night
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official school closing. wherew time is 5:15 the first time in twohehe weeks during from donald trump about his future plans. whatou he is in saying about the administration's transition and what has planned for the first 100 days in office. in his senior season ohio state, miller has the wide receiver come he caught his a pro lastss hasst night in the enough for returned to mexico. as we had to break on this tuesday morning come a live look at the inner belt bridge, patty harkins with a closer look at the tuesday morning commute has we do weather and traffic on the
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tuesday. we do weather and traffic every eight minutes. time to check in with patty harkins with an update what is happening as far as traffic conditions are concerned. it is a pretty easy start on the roads. traveling well, we do have a construction note come of course going on but just keep in mind 76 between grant and inman either directions with all of these seem to be close 77 north to 76, south, on the rams, closed as is entrance eastbound. and eastbound ramp 77 south, close to november, ther, tale in november so hopefully send they will reopen but definitely we will let you know when that happens. it is quiet out there coming in or out of town no problems whatsoever and
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71 at west 25th. the right gas prices averaged to :0 -- $2 and $0.6, broadway's holding steady and it's been like that for a wellee 184, a penny hire, riverfront $1.85, wayne in christie back to you. 5:19 donald trump has not had a news conference in selection night. out todd meaty with a video from the release last night, todd, good morning. the president-elect wanted to spout -- to spell all the rumors on the transition team and to an a half minute video of the process going smoothly. laid out plans what he wants to do ahly. soon as he takes offic. this plan come i passed my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restoree
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it is about time. mr. trump said he plans to withdraw from the new trade deals. and pose a five-year ban on executive officials booming, becoming lobbyist after leaving the administration and every new regulation enacted, an old when tossed out plus ad, new approach to nation's energy policy. i will cancelol her -- cancel "the energy including shell energy comic reading many millions of high paying jobs. that is what weichi want. that is what we have been waiting for. there is no mention of the biggest targets during the campaign, obama care building a wall or banning muslims from entering the country. face -- the 100 day mark if actually proposed. once i can that can be done with a signature and do not require
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president from the national media for new york post sourcesr saying it's like a firing squad with the president-elect calling themqu liars and think they shod be ashamed, a tour -- a source told cnnmoney will progress made to media access to trump and his administration and will meet with the publisher of newni york times later today. todd meaty with donald trump's transition, in other news this morning commit suspect behindit connection with the shooting death of a policet detective. otis tyrone mccain wanted to say sorry to the victim's family. thirty-one-year-old said he lashed out in anger over a custody battle, 50 year old benjamincu marconi shot twice in his patrol car. the memorial calling outside of the playstation where hehe died. prison cars facing murder charges suspected of kidnapping
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targeted her 59-year-old victim because her husband on the washington state pawnshop. the place say she demanded $250,000 ransom. the officers arrested her after pickingrr up the money and polie expect to make more arrests in this case. stateh department urging americans heading to europe to be aware of heightened risk of attack. advisory purchase citizens to be vigilant in in public transportation but in the meantime japanrtat lifted a tsunami warning overnight triggered after a large earthquake on the eastern coast. 7.4 mack meant to do monday morning and did lead to concerned ways to roll and 10 feet high but much smaller. a similar event and tsunami 2011 killed more than 18,000a people and a nuclear plant meltdown.
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los angeles for stress and exhaustion. the police telling tmz west had to be restrained when he was taken to ucla at a call center for psychiatric evaluation yesterday e afternoon. recent days, launched into verbal attacks on stage and abruptly sacramento after 4 songs, tickets for the remaining 21 days will be fully refunded. the time is 5:23 traffic every eight minutes if coming up. struggled in offense this season and also struggle to keep quarterback. see whoac the team will have against the new york giants on sunday. a holiday break for thanksgiving but will be back next week with a new poll with three great ohio schools but in the meantime you can nominate your favorite schools by hitting
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morning come everybody 5:26 temperatures in cleveland low 30s mostly clear. we have some spot further south looking a lot cooler than that,r canton 23. we have temperatures in mansfield 20, 21 salem, 21 and overall forecast will continue later today. the panhandle off developing and anticipating rain to move then tomorrow. initially the warm front to move north it will be cold enough in the morning for some of the rain mixeda with pellets of sleet. the transition will be rapid back over to rain. that is primarily wednesday two wednesday night. today a nice break is the sunny with high temperatures today at right around 40. we will talk more about the we can forecast. the front on friday and whether
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quarterback is circling back to -- josh is going to start on sunday with cody kessler in the league's concussion protocol. but took over late the third come after knocked out of action. touchdown but later fumbled pittsburgh to steal the game. kessler return to the field thisr season, an the near future. the new york giants on sunday 1:00 o'clock right here on fox 8. the oakland raiders have one nfl top surprises this year and officially 5-0 on the road. the big when last night. at
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just 11 minutes to go, mari cooper can't short pass 35-yard td open winds 27-12 and moving 8-2 for in a row since 14 years. us men's national soccer team may be bringing a familiar face to the sidelines after parting ways with their coach, us soccer theaters after nearly five years at the home. led the team into a knockout stage of 2014 world cup but has lost two qualifiers this month. he coach the us during 2002 and 2006 world cup's. if you're just waking up this morning 5:28 weather and traffic to stay ahead. manhuntfi in northeast ohio with deadly robbery at a cleveland store.
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saying about the victims. schoolbus tragedy several people killed in a crash that left a bus wrapped around a tree. once
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cleveland's own fox 8 newss in the morning.e good morning come everyone.


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